Tips to avoid food poisoning

You can minimize the risk of food poisoning by ensuring food hygiene and following below tips

  1. Keep yourself and your hands clean by washing them very well before eating food
  2. Make sure you thoroughly cook the food specially poultry and meat products.
  3. You must cook the red kidney beans very well for the suggested time in order to eliminate the toxin available in raw beans
  4. You must keep the cutting board clean and hygienic after cutting any vegetable, meat or anything
  5. Do not forget to wash your hands after holding the egg and meat products
  6. Avoid reusing the same utensil without washing it specially after preparing meat and raw eggs
  7. Ensure that the liquid from the raw meat does not touch other food products
  8. When you make salads do not forget to wash each veggie very well
  9. Do not consume unpasteurized milk