Safety tips for cooking at home

Safety tips for cooking at home

Cooking well doesn’t just mean knowing how to throw together a bunch of ingredients and make it taste good. Anyone serious about eating well knows that.

Knowing how to cook isn’t all about adding spices and seasonings. It’s about safety, too. If your partner is the kind of person who forgets to turn off the stove, leaves oven mitts near a hot burner or becomes distracted easily, leaving pots to boil over or run dry and blacken, you may want to consider going over some common safety tips that can be used when cooking at home.

For instance

  1. always have a timer handy. Set it regularly when you’re cooking
  2. additionally, keep plenty of pot holders hanging around the kitchen to keep accidental burns at bay
  3. the safety of your kitchen from bacteria can also be determined by how often you change sponges. Not just using one and then another but actually buying and using new clean sponges.

Dare we say it? Food poisoning is not something you want to be guilty of giving anyone, least of all your family or yourself. When people think about safety when cooking, food poisoning is often one of the first things to come to mind. When you are preparing food at home, the first thing you should concentrate on is the cleanliness – not just the kitchen itself, but the pots, pans, utensils and don’t forget your hands. Washing is absolutely essential when preparing food. This eliminates the possibility that contaminates will cross over from what was previously touched.

A few extra tips for ensuring your hands are as clean as they can be:

  1. dry your hands with a clean, dry paper towel, a clean cloth or let them air dry
  2. don’t forget your fingernails. You would be surprised how much bacteria and dirt can hide under them
  3. wash before you begin to prepare food and in between touching food
  4. wash all of your hands from our wrists to fingertips, including the backs and in between your fingers.

Your hands should be kept clean at all costs, as well as any surface your food touches. You may not think about it but using your cutting board to slice up raw meat and then using that same cutting board to cut vegetables could be dangerous. Rinse off any cutting boards and knives in between uses.