We get a lot of questions about how food safety is regulated and checked in Finland.

Here are the guidelines gathered by us

1) food safety is regulated by Evira – Finnish Food Safety Authority (www.evira.fi). Beside giving guidelines and regulations about the hygiene passport it is also the institution that through it’s area representatives takes care of for example regular checks of safety and own-check of restaurants and cafés.

2) Evira gives instructions about the hygiene passport (hygieniapassi). Evira is also the institution that regulates the number and actions of examiners authorized. This means that for example all hygiene passport examinations are held according to specific instructions and tests differentiating from the norm (for example taken in English) are first approved.

3) An important role in food safety checking and regulating play also Oiva- checks. These are regularly done in all food premises. Oiva-checks can beside inspections also in a sense be seen as checking points the functioning of own-check-plans (but day-to-day responsibility of food safety is always with persons working in the food premises!). The results of the inspection will be visible on the entrance of the food premise. You can also check online how your favorite restaurant or café did in the last test (only in Finnish though – sorry – https://www.oivahymy.fi/)